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Getting Rid of Rust on Classic Cars

Classic Cars Rust

 Car rust is one of the main destroyers of classic cars. Second hand cars must be looked after properly to avoid them falling victim to rust that is beyond repair. It is possible to treat car rust before it gets out of control on a vintage car, as long as you know what to look out for and what action to take. See the following guide to saving classic cars from rust.
Your vintage car should be stored away correctly in order to prevent rust from setting in in the first place. A common misconception is that these cars should be kept in a solely dry place. However, it is very important to actually provide some form of ventilation in the storage garage. Plastic covers can cause harm to second hand cars as the moisture gets trapped in between.

Signs of car rust to look out for in classic carscan appear in several places. Bubbling in the paint work is an indicator that rust is setting in. If the rust has a chance to seep into the core of the car’s structure, there is little hope for it, and it will soon reach a point where it is too late to save.

Treating Car Rust

  • If you have found the beginnings of rust, start to treat it by using a scrubbing pad on it. This will remove rust and stop it from spreading any further.
  • Next, use a solution of lemon juice and salt and apply this to the rust stains. Citric acid is very helpful with removing the rust. Wipe this off after a few minutes.
  • Commercial rust removers also work well on vintage car rust. Use only as instructed on the label.
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