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Driving a Left Hand Drive Car

If you are unfamiliar with driving a left hand drive car, the prospect of adapting to this unfamiliar style of driving can be daunting. All your regular thought processes when it comes to negotiating a road are dramatically altered, and even the most accomplished of drivers can struggle with the transition.


Learn more about driving LHD cars in the guide below.

About Driving Left Hand Drive Cars


• Firstly, expect the sensation of driving an LHD car to feel a little strange. After years of driving in a right hand car, it’s only natural that the switch will be awkward in the early stages. However, it’s important to concentrate on adapting your driving skills from the start to avoid becoming a danger to other road users.

• You’ll need to check your mirrors like never before if you’re making that switch from right hand drive to left hand drive. Check your door mirror regularly to ensure you are sitting in the correct position on the road. It’s easy for a driver used to right hand vehicles to become complacent and snake onto the middle of the road, forgetting his or her adjustment in driving position.

• If you forget to check your driving position regularly, you’ll not only become a danger to oncoming traffic, but you’ll also anger any drivers behind you looking to overtake. Therefore, stay aware of your proximity to the centre line at all times.

• Overtaking can become a major issue for anyone looking to learn the art of driving left hand drive cars. It’s best to avoid the temptation to overtake unless you’re completely confident with the handling of the car. Leave plenty of room between your car and other vehicles, and if possible ask any passengers in the car to keep an eye on oncoming traffic before making any move.

• Finally, take extra care when turning left at junctions, as your view from the right may be partially obscured. As you manoeuvre your left hand drive, make sure you’re fully aware of all surrounding traffic to minimise the risk of an accident occurring.

Find left hand cars for sale on Friday Ad.


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