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What does a full car service include?

To make sure your car runs smoothly you should make sure you have an annual service as well as an MOT; unlike the MOT car servicing is optional but it is highly recommended as it can help to catch small problems before they turn big and expensive.

There are varying levels of service that you can buy for your car, the full service sounds pretty simple as it includes everything – but what is everything?
The full service is split into seven different sections – each of which contain a checklist that must be completed before the service can be signed off and you can get your car back.
The first section is the ‘General’ section which includes a road test and an Outstanding Manufacturer Diagnostic Check which will give the person servicing your car a more thorough idea of what to do next.
After the general section it is time to replace the little bits that need replacing such as engine oil; engine oil filter, and if necessary the spark plugs, gearbox filter, air filter and petrol filter.
Next comes the ‘Level checking’ phase whereby the levels of everything from the engine coolant to the washer water is checked and topped up if necessary.
The safety check inspection is the next stage to a full service and is also the most detailed and lengthy, there are on average 25 different parts in your car that get checked here – from the horn to the brake fluid; this is what tends to bring most peace of mind to customers as it lets them know their car is in good working order and completely safe to use.
A full service should also include certain environmental checks such as how much pollution your exhaust is emitting as well as a pollen filter check.
The penultimate stage to a full service see’s your seatbelts and clutch (on manual cars) being checked to make sure there is enough but not too much give in the safety belts and to make note of any excessive fraying as in a collision these could prove useless if not properly adjusted.
The clutch will also be checked and adjusted if necessary; after this the mechanic will turn their attention to the outside of your vehicle and will make sure the wiper blades are up to scratch, as well as your washer jets.
They will then give the bodywork a once over to make sure there’s no signs of rust or damage. After all of this is done your service will be complete and you will be able to collect your car.
Again, service costs do vary but remember to have your car serviced by its manufacturer if it is within its warranty as your warranty may be invalidated if you don’t as other mechanics may not use registered car parts.
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